Physical Security


An organization’s cyber security is only as good as its physical security. And that, in turn, is only as good as the measures put in place to protect its physical and human assets from unauthorized access and exploitable behaviors. Organizations in diverse industries including healthcare, education, and government are applying digital transformation to their IT infrastructure and security practices.

Traditionally, physical security solutions have been crafted from piecemeal offerings sourced from specialized manufacturers, making it challenging for organizations to implement an economical strategy. When companies try to add new elements to strengthen their physical security environments over time, proprietary solutions that don’t work with those already in place require customization and do not scale well. In order to extend access control systems, organizations need a holistic approach to derive intelligence through video surveillance technology and manage assets through access control systems.


DVTeck physical security solutions include video surveillance, access control systems, visitor management, credentialing and badging, command and control centers, and emergency notification. Video surveillance can unlock oversight data through equipment that can be deployed and scaled in almost any environment. Facilities management solutions allow for access management, restriction and limitation through time or access-level compliance. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with evolving technologies such as IoT and cyber security, further automating business processes and enabling threat analytics and data audits. We can also use hybrid and multi cloud solutions to enhance the management, validation and storage of the data generated by sensors present in physical security infrastructure.

Supported by deep vendor partnerships, our unique expertise with complex networks and technology interoperability allows us to offer open-platform and non-proprietary physical security solutions that extend and stack on top of legacy infrastructure with ease and reliability.