Cloud Telephony

What is Cloud-Based Telephony?

In its most simple definition, cloud telephony is a modern form of telecommunications that uses cloud computing to enable callers to speak to one another through the Internet. In contrast to landline communication, cloud telephony isn’t tied to the limitations of traditional communications. 

Efficiency: Cloud-based telephony simply makes your business more efficient. First, enabling your business to get in contact with nearly any business or individual in the world via virtual phone numbers ensures that your business doesn’t have to waste resources on alternative methods of business expansion. Second, cloud computing is faster than landline communication, where having to deal with latency issues and service reliability enables a higher level of service at reduced costs. 

A cloud-based directory system, for example, enables your business to redirect calls anywhere around the world in real-time. This accommodates such issues as calls happening outside of regular business hours and accessing available staff members immediately. By simply using virtual phone numbers, your business can gain a presence in a variety of locations that would normally cost more money and resources to interface with potential customers, clients, and businesses. 

Implementing Our Services Within Your Business

If you’re ready to start using cloud-based telephony in your business, the easiest way to do so is by call DVTECK to 786-600-3011 or email to [email protected]. A sale representative will contact you and schedule a product presentation.