Many businesses try to support personable collaboration with legacy tools such as e-mail, instant messaging and texting. But complex human interaction requires sophisticated communication tools that can be challenging to deploy

Challenging To Deploy

Face-to-face, passionate collaboration that captures the richness of immediacy

Converged network infrastructures that lower costs and create efficient scalability

Support for every device and every communication method

Secure environments that assure data protection

Practically elevating your communication system to a truly unified and integrated solution requires a professional partner with expertise in a technology platform that includes voice, messaging, application integration, online collaboration, and video. As your business adds communication tools to your network platform, leveraging each tool to its fullest extent requires insight and tight integration to assure all tools resonate with each other.


We connect businesses and customers face-to-face in real time from any Web connection with information access that accelerates project completion and lowers operational costs.

DVTeck delivers a range of personalized collaboration solutions


Accelerate consumption of next generation Collaboration tools.

Business Video

Facilitates real-time face-to-face collaboration that significantly improves productivity.

Web/Voice Conferencing

Accelerate problem resolution through real-time collaboration.

Collaborative Applications

Enables collaboration with rich media and video from any browser, from any site.

Contact Center

Transforms customer care from simple phone transactions into unique, rich experiences customized to meet individual customer needs.

Unified Communications

Integrates next-generation voice systems with all forms of communication including video and data.

Unified Messaging

Streamline access to your messages.

Instant Messaging/Presence

Integrate communications methods into a seamless user experience.


Optimize the collaborative experience beyond the traditional conference room.