Infrastructure Security


The sheer size of enterprises’ networks – let alone the volume of devices and data running on those networks – leaves them open to attacks. These malicious hacks can spread from individual end-users; throughout an organization’s systems and infrastructure, out to entire industries. Traditionally, network security has used tactical policies such as device hardening and firewall audits. But reliance on security point solutions and triage of hacks after they occur is not enough. Companies need to take a dual approach, on a tactical level detecting where vulnerabilities are located and how they can be fixed, and on a strategic level ensuring their networks are designed with security in mind and kept secure, up-to-date and compliant.


DVTeck provides a strategic roadmap for companies to secure their infrastructure, reduce the likelihood of a breach, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce costs. Our expertise in security, networking, data center and infrastructure is combined with specialities in IoT and mobility, multi cloud, and compliance with HIPAA, PCI, NIST and other industry standards. DVTeck uses open-source tools and established partnerships to bring clients custom solutions, providing visibility into network security gaps along with detailed plans addressing how to close these gaps and protect against potential threats.

With many technologies making claims to completely eliminate or mitigate threats with a single point hardware or software solution, DVTeck can help companies understand what solutions they have in place, how those solutions interact, and the degree of protection afforded. Scope includes threat protection, detection, and prevention, as well as firewall audits and incident response. We can also help companies combat constantly evolving threats by using DVTeck Cyber Risk Management, a comprehensive next generation approach to enhance controls, regularly scan for threats and test of infrastructure, and train employees and business partners.